Monday, July 5, 2010

.freedom isn't free.

Rise and Shine! I woke up at 6:00, not having to get up till 7:00 at least from a dream that there were white little caterpillars all over my room. They just started crawling and apparently one had gotten in and laid an egg so they were everywhere. haha I woke up from my dream itching my leg as if one was on me. I couldn't help but peak over the side of my bed to check my desk that had been caterpillared in my dream. I continued to roll around in bed feeling as though they were in my bed until I finally fell asleep. haha Ok, so I only got 10 minutes more of sleep, but hey, it was worth it!

I rolled out of bed and got ready in my fourth of July outfit! My long white skirt, blue tshirt, black sleeve less cardiagan with a long strand of red beads. Perfect!

Headed to church where I visited until service started and I sat with Gabby and her family. Service was good. Pastor talked about looking towards heaven as we live on earth.

After church I went to Yokes where I bought strawberries, blueberries, grapes, and cool whip for the fruit platter I was making for work. Since there was only three of us working during the 4th of July we decided to though a little potlock in the back. It was yummy. Ashley made flat bread sandwiches with Tuna and cucumbers. It was really good!

Work was consistantly busy. I worked with a first timer who had the same birthday as me and was fun to shop with! When she left she said "This was Fun!" That's what made work worth it today. I love people.

Went home where the fam BBQed salmon burgers. They were really good!

Ran to value village where I bought 5 records for a photography prop. I have a cool idea for them!

Went out to Chad's house where I hung with his fmaily and friends while we set off Fireworks. It was fun@

On my way home, I saw the square outline of a building with flames completely engulfing the place. I immediately started praying for the family and that they were safe. It had looked further along the river on our side then I had thought, but when I continued to drive on I immediatly saw the fire about a mile and half from Edison along Canal. My heart breaks for their family. They lost everything tonigh. They are in my prayers and I pray they are all safe and well.

All my photography stuff is ready for the morning! So here it goes to bed! Ready for a long day tomorrow!

buenos noches!

ps. decided my favorite girl name is Bella (pronounced Beya)

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