Thursday, July 8, 2010

.operation: frogkiss.

Hello blog readers, if you're out there! haha

I'm doing this challenge called "Operation: frogkiss" It's a 30 day challenge and it's from a pastor in Spokane who came and spoke at my church camp a while back. This is a book that he gave us. In stead of me just talking about what I get to do, I thought I would post it up here in case any of you were interested in joining me!

Here is the intro:

"We all know the fairy tale about hte evil witch who cast a spell on the handsome prince, turning him into a grog. The only way the prince could be turned back into his handsome self, was if a princess came and kissed him. Now, you may be wondering what this cute story has to do with this. well this book is not meant to be a cute book. frogkissing is not something you do when you've desperately run out of options for the prom. Frogkissing is about loving those around you, flaws and all. You see, Satan has put a curse on every person. Because of this you will see ugly warts on everyone around you. Warts of gossip, selfishness, sarcasm, pride and many other ugly curses. Frogkissing means looking past the warts and hte sin and seeing people the way God sees people. This book is a 30 day challenge to be a grog kisser. the things that will be asked of you will not be easy but you can be guaranteed oen thing... you will not regret a single day of it. By the time this month is over, others will see changes in you that will both shock and inspire them to also be a frog kisser.

Without question, if you do these thigns, you are going to freak people out. your parents are going to think you're a clone and that the real you must have been kidnapped. People are going to say "there is something different about you!" And remember the saying, "what goes around comes around"? I believe you will be blessed in ways that you never thought possible. All by completing this 30 day challenge.

In this challenge, there are two types of missions: Frogkiss or Reflect. The first will give you practical ways to love people. The second will give you inspiration on how to better reflect Jesus. Both will inevitably lead towards the same ultimate goal: to become more like Christ, as Christ said above all else, love god and love people.

Regardless if a mission sounds difficult,, not challenging enough, or even cheesy - your objective is to complete it. Take a step of faith and give this your all, and just wait to see what happens. After each mission, take a moment to record what action you took that day and what you experienced as a result."

"Good luck Agent Christ Follower.
I believe in you!

Pastor Michael Garbutt
Valley Assembly in Spokane, WA"


mission 1

Operation: Reflect

Objective: To gain wisdom and insight from those who have gone before you.

Meditate on this: "Know also that wisdom is sweet to your soul, if you find it, there is a future hope for you..." Proverbs 24:14

Agent Christ Follower: Many teenagers your age have a reputation with adults to be the type of people that "thinks they know it all." As teens transition from childhood to adulthood they start to feel independent and want to make decision on their own. However the bible tells us that true wisdom is teachable. So here is your practical challenge today: Seek out three or four older people and glean their wisdom! Is there someone from your church that exemplifies an incredible prayer life you want? Is there an amazing couple who has a great marriage that you want to model your life after someday? find them and interview them through email, lunch or coffee.

Ask question like:
1. If you could do your teenage years over what would you do differently?
2. What do you see in my generation that concerns you?
3. What is the best piece of advice that you have ever heard?
4. What is the key to a happy marriage?
5.What big lesson has God taught you over the years?

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