Saturday, July 3, 2010

.my likes haven't changed, just grown.

This morning I got up and ready at 8:00 for work which started at 10. Before going to work I filled up my car with Shell gas - apparently she is picky about gas and prefers Shelly's gas over Exon's gas. She gives me no crying when I start her up! haha I decided I was early enough and I had enough loose change to go inside to the gas station and get a coffee. It's actually a really cute little coffee shop. Their is a big family sized table in the middle and smaller tables with chairs around them. The dark brown wood of the furniture and painted walls with canvases on them makes the place very welcoming and makes you almost forget your in a gas station. Anyone ever up to a board game, let's go here! I think it would be fun! the coffee was pretty good to! Just strong.

It did energize my morning! showed up to work feeling perkier then normal! haha Day was estimated small, but ended up being a big day! My first few customers were first timers. I helped them shop around the store and gave them recomendations. One of the lady's was so excited about how I helped her and how she found what she needed! She kept saying thank you and you did such a good job! She asked if I was a manager. When I responded with no, she said "Well you should be!" It made my day =) Reminds me of another customer connection i made the other day. She asked if I was the oldest in my family. I said yes. The she commented on how responsible I am and such a great helper and she appreciated what I helped her find. These customers are what make my job worth it. I love making these connections and making people's days by helping them feel confident about what they bought. And being honest with them too, and not just trying to be a "sales" person.

The rest of my work day went well. After work I bought a couple shirts with the extra discount we were getting because of how our store was doing. They're cute =) A green lace tshirt and a strapless white silky babydoll top with speckles of purple and blue and a black piece of fabric right above the stomach. It's cute.

Headed home, sat and visisted with mom in the craft room that she's putting back together after it being a guest room this past year. Made me excited to scrapbook again. She showed me two pictures she found while sorting through some boxes in the craft room.

 Sunflowers - favorite flower then, favorite flower now! Me at age 14 months! =)

My camera went everywhere with me then too! This is me at age 6 in my room that was being built at our house in Charlotte, NC. Carrying around my camera!

I ate leftovers for dinner. With sourdough bread - my favorite! Concluded dinner with graduation cake I came home to find! My mom had been hiding it in the freezer! I was excited to find it! =)

Then went on a bike ride with Dad and mark down to Albertsons where Dad bought us Icees. Yum!

Came home, and looked for photography ideas online. I have a senior photo session on Monday with Coreanna Hodge in Yakima. I don't know the area, so a little nervous bout it, but i'm sure it will go great! I have a couple ideas I'm excited to use.

I wrote Philippians 4:4-7 in English and Spanish and posted it on my closet door. While finshing to memorize my favorite bible passage, I can begin to learn it in spanish and practice my spanish! perfect!

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