Friday, July 9, 2010

.half price appetizers in 100 degree heat.

This morning I set out to watch my words on my second mission. I believe this is going to be an on going mission that won't really end. Because I believe strongly that words can have such an impact on people - for the better or for the worse.

This morning I got up and got ready for work. Put on my current favorite summer dress with a black cardigan and my layered pearls from graduation. Put on my pearls that mom got me for graduation and was ready to go after pulling my hair half up and grabbing a cup of lucky charms. I think it runs in the family to love pearls. Way better then diamonds. haha And lucky charms is by far the best cereal out there!

Headed to work and started out the day good with working with Gladys. I love Gladys. All her little quirks make me smile. Were gonna go have sushi before I leave - it will be a grand time! haha I made sure to "watch my words" while at work. I tried to uplift customers and those I was working with more and notice things that I could give compliments. Not cheesy compliments - but like , "Wow, your doing a good job!" I've actually started to do this these past couple weeks. It makes the work environment so pleasant and I've realized how everyone has so much to contribute to make an awesome team.

After work I headed home. Met with Chad for a little bit at Sonic for half price drinks. Headed home and went to Apple Bees with mom. We surprisingly sat outside despite the 100 degree temp. It was in the shade though. We did find that sitting in the heat made us less hungry and as a result we took left overs home from our half price apps!

The rest of the evening was spent running a few errands to exchange the towels I had gotten for college for better ones that we found at the same price. and then we came home and sorted all my college stuff into rubber maid containers by what they were - bedding, living, and bath and storage. We've gotten lots of cute things so far!

I'm missing my friends tonight! The one's in foreign countries! haha three of them are gone, and Monica I won't even see till were up in Seattle in September!

Now it's time for bed! Praying that God will take care of all financial needs.
goodnight beautiful world,

ps. i love my clean room.

this is the painting i got while in Hawaii

my favorite place in my room! On the left the cross is the canvas I'm working on. My hawaii painting. My toms flag. My guitar and Ukulele! Orange walls and a bright yellow couch with my favorite blanket on top of the couch! And my God time corner right under my lamp on teh couch next to my Bible basket!

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