Saturday, September 11, 2010

.300 Floor retreat.

300 Floor Retreat!

What an awesome 2 days! We left yesterday at 3:30. Loaded up in cars with people we didn't necessarily know and headed out to our mysterious camping location! In the car with Cassie, Andrew, Josh, and Marissa, we did the first few questions on the ice breaker paper they gave us and decided it would me more fun to just chat. So we did. It took us like 2 hours because of traffic.

Our car was the first to arrive. When we got there, the place had several buildings that look like they had been closed for a while. It was kinda "sketch" as everyone says here! (haha. Had never heard that term used before). Before long other cars arrived so we knew we were at the right place...

The night consisted of...
-explored the trail
-Came back to a couple guys carrying a pretty good sized tree for firewood. ahah Made me laugh....
-playing "Kumcha, tokki tokki, bunny bunny"
-playing a hand clap game like we were college students haha
-playing screaming ninjas
-breaking off into our teams! We were team DORA! Our team included Beth, Kaile, Krista, Ryan, Mark, and Cristina. We made an awesome team fire dance and skit. We had some great laughs! Some rapping moments as well - what can I say, I want to be a rapper some day...

"Da-Da-Da-Dada-DORA! Da-Da-Dora! Ya! Dora!"

Oh I love life...

-Finally ate dinner
-Shadow puppets at dinner
-worship at the camp fire
-Guest speaker shared his awesome story
-SMORES! learned about roasting gummy worms
-Talked around the camp fire
-climbing into my little hut only to turn out and see several of the guys making a chimney type thing over the fire and then throwing cups and stuff in it - the result. A huge flame up in the air. haha Made me laugh

Next day....
-Woke up to Vatali (I know that's wrong spelling, but I don't know the right way) blasting Kesha "Wake up in the morning, feeling like 'P-Diddy'" It was a "REALLY?!?!?!" moment haha
-Made my way to breakfast - wonderful pancakes, bacon, and eggs!
-Played games
-Played an eating competition game for our team...I had to eat tuna (which I won that competition for! woot woot!) and one other nasty fish that still looked like a fish! haha
-Hot Dog lunch

After lunch some of us went to the beach and others headed back to the school. I went with the group to the beach! Cama beach is what it was! McKinzie, Ryan, and I rode with Vatali listening to loud music which brought me joy!

McKinzie and I decided to jump in the water with pretty much everyone else except the other girls and two guys. It was fun! Actually I jumped in, and I helped Vatali carry McKinzie in the water and throw her in! =) It was so cold! It was the puget sound. But it was fun and so worth it.

Tyler insisted on throwing rocks at me, so I threw them back. haha He only hit me in the face twice. No big deal or anything. haha It was fun though!

Everyone just chilled. Life was relaxing.

We stopped at DQ on our way back! So exciting! Hadn't had a chicken basket in to long! Woo! It was awesome! =)

On our way back to the school, McKinzie and Ryan slept. So I ended up talking to Vatali and we missed the exit and had to take the long way. It's ok though. Because I got to wave to 13 strangers in passing cars because of it! I love getting random people in other cars to wave at me. =)

That was my 300 floor retreat! Lots of details I could fill in! But look at the pics on facebook and fill them in yourself =)
Have a fabulous night!

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