Thursday, September 9, 2010

.to write Love on her arms.

Rolled over and over in bed this morning hoping that my work out would happen magically and I could be lying back in bed. Somewhere deep inside me though I found the motivation to crawl out of bed, get in my work out clothes and head out the door quietly to wake up Alyssa to go with me. Good work out again! Abs now even more sore then they were yesterday. haha But it feels good. Knowing that my work out is for something!

My breakfast consisted of Grapefruit and Vanilla yogurt! and mmhmm it was good!

Classes went as normal. New Testament is still my favorite class so far because of all that I'm learning! i love where I am growing in my life right now.

first day of choralons went extremely quick! It was fun though! I'm really excited to meet more people! I love people! Everyone has such unique characters and each person reflects something awesome in who God is.

Studying it was for the afternoon with Alyssa and Noah. We all had "Love" written on our arms today to bring awareness of suicide prevention. (Through the organization "to write love on her arms") I love Alyssa! She's awesome. We decided were gonna be room mates next year because we balance each other out. And we determined that if we can't be room mates, well be talking bout it, then end up in a laughing fit about it, and then be good again! That's how we roll! She has probably extended my life by a good two days at least from all the laughter we've shared since I first met her two weeks ago!

Tonight a group of us (Alyssa, Noah, chad, Avery, Shelby, McKenzie, and Julia) all went to the City Church in the U-District. It was awesome! It was a college service. The pastor was so passionate! I love the way he spoke! He spoke about how God is always with us. About how we have purpose. How we can't do anything to keep God away from us. God is always there, we just have to decide to come back to him sometimes.

James 1 was brought to mind again today. God is testing me. I know that. And it stinks. ahah It's never fun to have your faith challenged. But God's been challenging my faith a lot this past year and I've seen how He's done something awesome from it every time! So I'm looking forward to what God will do out of this challenge. I'm proud to say I really am beginning to know who I am. I'm at peace with who I am. I mean, I'm not  done yet finding out. I don't think we will ever be. But with how much god has taught me about myself, I feel whole in the image of God. That's why I can't wait to see what's in store through this challenge. It's like sitting in a cacoon as a caterpiller, all scrunched up and not comfortable at all, yearning to get out your own way, but knowing that if you wait, the result is gonna be awesome. i love how my god works.

I have to go have some God time still. Alyssa and I are keeping each other accountable.

Oh! I want to get this game called "Bubble talk." It's kind of like apple's to apple's but their are random pictures, and then we get caption cards. It's really fun! I played it tonight after church when we decided to go for Bubble tea and hang out for a bit.

goodnight wonderful world,
fall asleep in peace,

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