Tuesday, September 7, 2010

.amazing grace, how sweet the sound!.

Another productive Tuesday morning!

6:45 workout!
8:00 laundry
get ready
God time
Read article for APA research writing
12:30 class

Love tuesdays....

Today was all in all another glorious day to be alive. To say I actually enjoy doing laundry and cleaning my room up now? What???? haha It makes me feel so productive!

This morning I read Matthew 5 and 6. All in all what it made me realize? That with out Jesus dying on the cross, there is absolutely no way, no way! that I could make it into heaven. The Bible says that we have to be better then the priests in the synagogues! Anger is like committing murder. It will keep you out of heaven! Makes you think twice the next time your mad at someone. How bout this, calling someone an "idiot" can keep you out of heaven. With out Christ dying for us, there is virtually no way that I would be able to make it into heaven. In my life time, I've had both anger and probably called someone stupid before. Thank you God for sending your son! What mercy you have on us!

After speech class today I went to coffee with amber. She is such a sweetie and a really inspirational person! Her heart is crystal every time you talk to her. I love her passion and her faith. We had a couple good laughs too =)

I convinced Cody to drive me to the Battery Plus store this afternoon. Then they sent me to the laptop store, who told me that the guy at the battery store was wrong and that most likely it was the battery. But for some amazing reason after driving around, the battery started to charge again! I don't understand! We will see! Cody drove me nuts though as he thought that it was funny when I freaked out when I didn't think he was braking soon enough and continued to make fun of me the rest of the way back to the school. All is good though, because I got to listen and sing to familiar music that I love in the car - I miss doing that! I love singing in the car. And "The Almost" is awesome....

Got back and ate dinner with Christian, Cody, Shelby, McKenzie, and Allona! they make me smile =)

Spent the rest of the night studying...and still bout to go study some flash cards.
Time for nighty night!
I love my life though....

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