Monday, September 6, 2010

.sky high.

This morning I woke up to clouds in the sky and rain on my window pain! So I picked out one of my favorite pairs of jeans, a new tshirt yet to be worn, and of course, a pair of heals. haha What can I say.

I got ready and made myself a waffle in the caff.

Came back and had some awesome God time. I am at the point where I am just so excited to spend time with God everyday! I am completely open to whatever God has for me in my life right now. I am really enjoying my New Testament class right now! I'm making connections to what I'm ready and it makes everything seem real life! Like I can relate to it better.

Today what stood out to me was in Matthew 4 where Jesus was being tempted in the wilderness. Jesus fasted for 40 days! I knew that, but I guess I really never stopped to think about it. 40 days! That's over a month of not eating. Someone would mention that today as a joking dare to someone else and they would say "no way!" To think that if we put so much Faith into God, and dig into God during every moment of that fast, that we could survive such a long period of time. Can you imagine what would happen if starving nations found God, begin putting all faith in Him, what would happen? Could thousands of people's lives be saved by simply learning to live off of the Bread of Life -God? If nations came to there knees would they see an abundance of food be harvested before them? Just a thought that really got me thinking...

I went to sky high tonight with a group of people! - Alyssa, Carley, Tyler, Brandon, Chris, Austin, and some others I didn't really know. It was like an entire area filled with trampolines! It was awesome! So much fun! I learned how to do a flip - kinda. Not completely sucessful yet! I can't land on my feat...but It's getting there! Pretty good for the first time I would say!

Had hot chocolate in my mug tonight while hanging in the lounge with a bunch of people, and Tyler actually beating me at air hockey... he better watch out. It was only a one time win...

goodnight all!
sweet dreams!

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