Thursday, September 16, 2010


Hola mis amigos!

What a day! This morning was beautiful but turned out to be a rainy day! It's all good though. I love life to much to let the rain shut down my parade!

Today we had the debate team in Chapel. It was really cool! They debated about immigration! This afternoon I went to a meeting to learn about debate. It meets on Mondays and Wednesdays for a couple hours but you are constantly researching outside of class. A big commitment but the idea sounds exciting to me! I feel like it would open up my awareness to the world around me. and give me awesome speaking abilities. I would be very beneficial to dealing with court systems and arguing scenarios having to do with social work. The whole idea makes me really nervous because I'm not sure how good I would be at it. Mostly nervous because I'm not currently award about world things. But I want to be! AND I would get to go to Hawaii for $150 and debate there, and of course have some chill time as well! Our school's debate team gets the chance to debate Harvard in January. how awesome is that! Places like Oxford, a group from China.... I would meet so many people. The idea sounds awesome! This is how it works though....

If I were to win Senate then no debate. If I don't win, then I'll do debate. I'll take it as a sign from God either way. I know he has big things in store whatever it is. There is a reason for everything. So we will so. Voting was today! Because there was more then two of us running for freshman senate, they will take the top two, and have another vote on Friday. We will see!

Went to church tonight with Vitaley! Christian Faith Center I think is what it was called. It was pretty good!

Taco bell =)

now bed.
goodnight world!
love ya!

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