Sunday, September 19, 2010


So!!!! Woke up at 9 this morning feeling well rested! That's so late for me!

I walked to the Kirkland Library (about a 20 minute walk) and spent 5 hours studying. haha It was a good study session though! Got a ton of reading and notes done! I love psychology =) It's so fascinating, that reading the book doesn't seem bad at all!

I think this is my official favorite study spot. It's a good setting. An environment without flouresent lighting, has people, and that silent buz in the background.... plus they have an awesome magazine section! I was excited to find the "communication arts" magazine. haha. It's like a book of graphic design stuff. We got it in yearbook last year and i love looking through all the creative ideas! Also checked out psychology magazine and a black and white photo magazine. haha I'm pretty excited about this. I know I am a dork though.

I walked back in time for dinner.

Studied. Decided I had enough of studying.

drug Alyssa out of her room.... she hadn't left ALLLL day! and it was time to pull out from the depths of the basement! she was not very happy about this. We started yelling at each other... while laughing. haha She came to the conclusion that I am an extrovert. lol I've never been called that before!

Result? running in puddles in the pouring rain and then starting a dirt fight! It was fun! haha =) I'm sure security must have been wondering what in the world we were doing. haha

We then ty-dyed our shirts for tomorrows "Train" concert! WOOO! I'm excited!

time for bed!
nighty night!

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