Monday, January 3, 2011

.15 states & 3 other countries.

Bought Adrien Reju's album with some of the iTunes gift card I got for Christmas! So happy to now have her entire album! I really like her voice and style

Today was very chill. This morning I went to service and was challenged with the question "How will I make a difference in 2011?" Got me thinking. What kind of influence do I want to have on those around me? Who do I want to influence? I want to start working towards my dream of some sort of organization for foster kids. But I haven't a clue of how to start, who to talk to... Anyone have suggestions as to how to start a nonprofit organization? First I need to work on developing the dream. What should such an organization be called? Just thoughts going through my head.

More thoughts :: What is the church meant to be? The church body. To have fellowship among other Christians. To reach out with one mission to reach others for Christ and share his love, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, passion, faith, strength, whatever one needs in life. One thing I notice is that I think Churches often miss an element of what the Church was created to be. I think more then often the people of the church get missed. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with having a missions focus. That is one purpose of the church. Yes, there are small groups, life groups, groups that people can get involved in to meet with people from the church, but what about Sunday morning fellowship? Is it truly happening? What kind of fellowship goes on Sunday morning? I think you would be surprised how many people feel unnoticed on a Sunday morning. It's easy to say there is fellowship when you are involved in the church and you talk to your friends Sunday mornings. Yes, the pastor says greet someone around you, but is it really fellowship at the level Christ wants it to be? I'm looking at the Christian's who attend Church but may not yet be comfortable to join a life group. New Christians who come to church. Non Christian's seeking answers at church. How are we creating fellowship within that Church community. If we miss a Sunday does someone notice and call us up asking why we weren't there? Do we talk to others after church and build new relationships that way? Or do we say, hey join a life group then I can get to know you. Why not use Sunday morning as an opportunity to fellowship. To reach those first time guests who aren't interested in a life group, but are interested in having people who will have a positive influence in their life through what maybe brought them to church. How are you treating church? How can you change the community within the church to create more fellowship?

Today I worked on making recipe cards! I've got probably about 50 recipes and a lot more to go! I'll be excited to have my own set of recipes though when it's done! Watched the movie UP with mom. Elli and Mr. Fredrickson make me smile. Such a cute relationship. A cartoon I know, but don't we all dream of love like that? Faithful and true? And the little boy in that movie just cracks me up! I love his facial expressions. Especially when he Mr. Fredrickson first finds him on his front porch in the sky!

Number Two :: A picture of you and the person you have been close with the longest

So even though we have only known each other since 8th grade, and even then we didn't get close till high school, I feel as though I have know this girl for forever! I can tell her anything and expect her to be dead honest with me. Though this isn't always what I want, it's usually a good thing. I'm glad to say that it feels as though nothing's changed even if we are both at different college's right now. Kaile Erhart it is.

Daily Steps to Daily Resolutions:
God Time:Jude 1
Stop Bad Habit: No :(
Work out: Yes ---> Bike Ride

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